Restaurant review: Flip Side

Sorry, Five Guys. So long, Inferno. Graffiti, it's been fun. But now my beefwich-loving heart - increasingly endangered though it may be - belongs to Flip Side, the best ground-meat specialist currently pushing patties in Columbus. To be fair... Read More

Best of Columbus: Burger Trend

Columbus` burger trend keeps expanding our definition of condiments. Burgers are serious business at Flip Side, where there's no shortage of adventurous toppings to choose from. We love challenging how hot we can handle it with the fiery and delicious Chili Pepper Burger... Read More


Burger lovers will flip at Flip Side in Chagrin Falls

Opening three restaurants in two years is an ambitious endeavor, but that's exactly what husband and wife team Shawn and Tiffany Monday and partner Michael Schwartz did. They opened Flip Side in Hudson in 2011, another in Columbus the ... Read More

Drunk Brunch: Flip Side Easton

Malls kind of scare me, especially on the crowded weekends, but for you, dear readers, I recently braved the buzz at Easton Town Center to check out Flip Side for drunk brunch. Flip Side has two other Ohio locations, one in Hudson and one in Chagrin Falls. The Easton... Read More