Columbus Crave
First Look: Flip Side at Easton

The newest restaurant at Easton, Flip Side, is a nifty, chef-driven burger joint imported from Hudson, Ohio. A burger and shake place that emphasizes local ingredients and also serves great cocktails and craft beers? Sign me up. . . Read More

Columbus Business First
Flip Side aims to upend expectations for burgers at Easton

Central Ohio's newest hamburger restaurant doesn't consider itself part of the growing "better burger" wave. Burgers and fries are the specialty of Flip Side, which opened March 4 at Easton Town Center , but with ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, gourmet sauces and house-made prosciutto, plus a menu that includes a ground shrimp burger and a fresh grouper sandwich, the implication isn't it's better, rather that it is best. . . Read More

This Week Community Newspaper
Flip Side at Easton gives burgers gourmet treatment

Sorry, Five Guys. So long, Inferno. Graffiti, it's been fun. But now my beefwich-loving heart - increasingly endangered though it may be - belongs to Flip Side, the best ground meat specialist currently pushing patties in Columbus. . . Read More

Under the Table
Catch You On the Flipside, or, What I Ate: Flip Side Burger

Flip Side Burgers has brought its high-concept, Ohio-raised, grass-fed, and altogether brainy burger operation to Easton, and based on last night's dinner, it's fair to say I'm excited about this place. Here's a taste: Light and crisp tempura-battered fat shiitake caps and asparagus spears served with a fish-saucy sweet Thai chili dip. If you're getting the notion now that this place ain't your typical burger shop, you are most certainly correct. . . Read More