Easton Town Center
Flip Side

If you're a serious burger lover with gourmet tastes and a not-so-gourmet budget, prepare to be seduced at Flip Side. Chef Shawn Monday has brought his acclaimed Hudson, OH, burger bar to Easton. . . Read More

Meat Master | Shawn Monday make magic on the Flip Side grill

It used to be that celebrity chefs endeavored to distance themselves from plebeian grub like hamburgers. After all, where's the challenge in frying up a ball of ground beef? As any food watcher will tell you, those days are long gone. . . Read More

Beefed Up

Flip Side // Chef Shawn Monday's decision to leave Downtown 140 to start One Red Door also came with a delicious side dish: an adjoining casual spot that understands the allure of a seriously tasty burger. . . Read More

Eyes on the Fries:
Chef Shawn Monday is Hudson's king of frites

Any critic will tell you that you can't judge a restaurant on the basis of one dish. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day, right? On the other hand, you can tell a lot about a chef by the attention he lavishes on even the most humble menu item. Take chef-owner Shawn Monday at Hudson's Flip Side, and his 48-hour process for creating french fries. . . Read More